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Finding #ME

How do You measure #Success ?

Do you compare yourself to your peers Academic, Professional or Financial achievements?

What if I told you that #Success cannot be measured with a universal metric system...Think about it. Your success may look different than mine, and mine from the next. So Why do we live in this constant upward and downward comparison...?

Over the course of my life I have defined my #Success as achieving the following:

  • Degree's, & Certifications that establish that I have paid my dues (both literally and figuratively) and accumulated the required knowledge to be considered a worthy candidate of choice.

  • Secure Employment to meet Financial Obligations.

  • The ability to pay my financial responsibilities (on-time).

  • Find a Partner to share my #success with.

Sounds reasonable right?

Truth is... everything I had outlined as my definition of #success failed to represent #ME.

Over the years I had a recurring theme in my life, #HELP. From an academic standpoint, I followed the calling and achieved my first undergrad in Psychology. This opened the door for me to work with amazing people, serving as a liaison in business development and coaching.

For many years I dedicated my services to the corporate world and furthered my education in Psychology with a focus on Leadership & Organizational Development. I couldn't escape the feeling that my skills were misplaced and that I needed to #HELP.

So What Now?

The First Step was to realize that the First Person I needed to #HELP was #ME.

  1. I needed to redefine my measures of #Success to reflect what I truly wanted and needed out of life.

  2. Establish #Goals that supported my #dreams and filled my bucket.

  3. Learning to #Help #Me paved the way for #ME to #Help others.

Today... I serve as both a Personal & Professional Life Coach. Helping Others overcome challenges, and gain prosperity in their own life.

Today... I measure my #Success on how well I've supported others reach their #Success.


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