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From the Runway to Your Closet

I love Fashion!

I see these immaculate beings come down the runway with what can only be described as a majestic pairing of couture fashion made only for the runway,...I mean could you imagine me at new client meeting wearing 6" stilettos, 4" earrings and a Prada potato sack?

Not too bad actually!

What I want is to transfer that confidence into my everyday wear. I want to look and feel just like a runway model in clothes that are flattering to my frame and personality!

So How Do You Do It...?
  • Find What Speaks to You!

  • Indulge in your Unique Expression of Fashion.

  • #LookGood = #FeelGood

  • Comfort can be SEXY!!! Forget the 6" heels if your jeopardizing your ability to walk or stand when needed.

  • Express Your Self! Don't be afraid to incorporate unique items/pieces that help tell your story..., remember Fashion is an accessory!

  • Choose What Makes YOU Happy! True #Confidence is reflected in how we feel!

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